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Colourstrings programmes

Cranbrook Colourstrings run by the wonderful violinist and teacher Ingrid Sellschop, has a kindergarten and instrumental Colourstrings programme in Cranbrook, Kent.

Colourstrings Music School in Roehampton offers music education from the age of eighteen months to eighteen years.


More about Zoltán Kodály and Colourstrings

The British Kodaly Academy offers information and resources about Zoltán Kodály and his educational philosophy and principles as well as running courses and summer schools for choral leaders and music teachers. It has a good online bookshop.

The Colourstrings Finland website provides information about  Geza Szilvay and his colleagues, the creators of Colourstrings, and an insight into Colourstrings instrumental teaching.

More about Colourstrings in the UK can be found on the Szilvay Foundation site.

The Colourstrings bookshop stocks Colourstrings kindergarten and instrumental books and CDs.